Remnant Cholesterol - David Feldmen And My Blood Tests Plant-Based Versus Low-Carb, High-Protein and Fat Diet

It's been just shy of a year since switching back to eating a meat-centered, low-carb, high-fat diet.  Throughout the year, we began to cut out most plant foods from our diet.  We are eating according to what we feel drawn to, not as per any one set of rules.

We have found that eliminating most plant foods, or having several meals without any is a good elimination diet, which seems to reset the system.  Once a more healed state is recovered, certain foods can be added back to test one's tolerance.  The less plant foods we consumed, the better Don's psoriasis got.  I also notice improved digestion the simpler my meals are.  And, I especially notice I do best when the primary staple of my diet is beef, along with smaller amounts of fish and turkey.

I shared my ongoing experience in the LivingYourTrueNature blog, beginning in April, 2017.  (Here is my premiere post.  And here is my post about 'Going Extreme' and eating mostly just animal foods.)  Some of those posts also have revealing pictures of my 'hidden' body fat, tucked under my shorts and skirts.  Yes, I had pretty chunky cottage cheese like thighs, although nobody believed me until I posted photos.  It is my body's favorite storage unit!

We have been listening to many of the excellent speakers on, including David Feldmen, an engineer who is 'biohacking' cholesterol.  He uses great analogies, and experiments on himself, and has tested his theories on others.  Many people are sending him their blood test results as well.  If you have yet to watch any of his videos, I highly recommend checking him out.

In the video below, he discuss 'Remnant Cholesterol' and energy production.


After watching this last night, I pulled out some of my most recent blood tests.  I have only taken one lipid profile last June, one month after going on a higher protein and fat 'keto' or Hypercarnivore diet. We have maintained a hyper-carnivorous diet since then, consuming at least 70% of our calories from animal foods.

My total cholesterol while vegan was quite low.  I was proud to be in the 'heart attack proof' range.  Now that I know otherwise, I find the spreading of that type of information from plant-based doctors to be alarmingly negligent.  First off, plenty of people with low cholesterol die of heart disease.(1), (2), (3) (4) (5)

 Secondly, it is not only dated, it is based on myths, and false assumptions.

My blood test one month in from being on a high protein and fat 'ketogenic diet' would sound the alarms for most people.  If I was at a physician's office rather than taking a blood draw offered at various stores throughout the area, I would have been immediately prescribed statins!

Blood Test 6/30/17 - (Began lower carb diet in May, with a gradual reduction in carbs to under 50g.)

Total Cholesterol:  365!  Hilarious.  It's never been that high!
LDL - 234;  HDL - 117 (higher than it's been since vegan);  Triglycerides - 71
Remnant Cholesterol:   365 - 351 (234 + 117) = 14.

As you will see compared to my earlier blood tests below, that even though I was in that 'heart attack proof' total cholesterol below 150 range, my remnant cholesterol was higher.  According to Feldmen, I am now in a much lower ~ the lowest risk factor for heart disease.  And this was nearly one year ago.  I am sure the results have adjusted since.  The high total cholesterol has been common for many when first changing to a low-carb, higher protein and fat diet.

Around the end of our five plus year stint eating a whole foods, plant-based diet centered around whole grains, beans and legumes, greens and veg, sea veggies, and some fruit, we took a blood test.  This was in November 2016.  After this blood test, we recorded a video on our Youtube channel at the time, proclaiming our assessment being sub par to our preferences.  This was received with a lot of nasty push-back.

Blood test Nov. 2016:

Fasting glucose was 90, and Fructosamine was 269 ~ indicating a potential blood sugar problem!

Albumin was 5.0, considered 'high' while Globulin was at the very low end of 'normal' range.

My total cholesterol was 129, which I still believed at that time to be a 'healthy' score.  However, despite my low total, my triglycerides were relatively high at 112, while my HDL was 46, up from previous blood tests which had me in below normal range.  Towards the end of our plant-based daze, we had increased both protein and fat, but these were still from all plant sources.

My Iron was 99, which is considered normal.

So if the above blood test panel showed overall the profile of a 'healthy person' I wondered why I felt like crap?  By this time, I had ongoing fatigue and difficulty getting going in the mornings.  My hair, skin, and nails, were pale or ashen, dry, and aging ~ quickly!  My moods were up and down.  I often felt like I had total adrenal fatigue, and low thyroid function.  My body temperature regulation seemed off.  I either had hot sweats, or I really couldn't stand the thought of being cold.  I had small clumps of hair coming out every single time I brushed, something that no longer happens as a hypercanrivore!  And I had puffy bags under my eyes every morning.  It took effort to loosen up and feel 'ready' for the day.  I was stiff, achey and tired in the mornings.  I typically felt better later in the day.

According to the above formula, my Remnant Cholesterol, (Total - LDL + HDL) = 22.  This blood test did show slight improvements from previous tests in terms of trigs having reduced, and HDL having increased.  But according to Feldmen's theory, a lower Remnant Cholesterol is best.  The Remnant Cholesterol in all my tests while plant-based was higher.

My 6/26/2013 blood test lipid profile:

Total Cholesterol: 124;   HDL - 40;   LDL - 64;   Trigs - 102;   Glucose - 91.
Remnant Cholesterol = 124 - 104 (40 + 64) = 20.  Slightly better Remnant Cholesterol.  Lower HDL, and lower Trigs than the above 2016 blood test.

My 8/1/2012 blood test (during our high raw/fruitarian phase):

Total Cholesterol:  106;   HDL - 39 (below normal);   LDL - 43;   Trigs - 120;
Remnant Cholesterol - 106 - 82 (39 + 43) = 24.

I happened to still have a blood test from June, 2004.  I was eating plenty of 'healthy' fruits and vegetables, along with animal foods.

Blood Test 6/6/2004:

Fasting glucose: 92;  Total Cholesterol:  151;  LDL - 64;  HDL - 72;  Triglycerides - 76
Remnant Cholesterol:  151 - 136 (64 + 72) = 15

I have always considered blood tests as a brief snapshot in time, and not a lot more.  Our moods, timing of meals, and other stresses can impact results.  It turns out, results may vary quite frequently throughout the day and week as well!  Of course it will, we are not static human beings, we are dynamic.

That we have culturally put so much stock in these 'numbers' which are a handy method for doctors to prescribe drugs is understandable, but it has come at the cost of trusting our own direct experience.

How many people are given statins (number one selling drug) or other drugs, or immediately ushered into surgeries unnecessarily?  Far more than will ever be printed in papers or shared on main stream media.  And it costs lives!  If not actual lives, it reduces quality of life.  They are expensive.  They are like adding another tax onto your already high taxes, which by the way goes to pay off government debts owed to Federal Reserve banking system, which is not owned by the government.

The Western medical system only began within the last hundred - one hundred and fifty years.  Prior, people took care of their sicknesses with local, natural remedies.  A massive smear campaign (spearheaded by Rockefeller) was waged all those years ago to essentially get everyone to believe that anything short of Western therapies and pharmaceutical drugs or surgery was quackery.

We must begin to pull back the reigns, and reclaim our power.  You don't have to eat what I eat, but I do hope that people can become more awake and discerning to the 'system' and the fact that the 'system' does NOT have our best interests at heart.  It is a system built on greed and lust for power.  There is a propaganda campaign pushing plant-based diets.  Just look around.  We have increased our intake of fruits and vegetables, but we are less and less healthy every passing decade.  As Shawn Baker, MD (and others) have said, "A plant-based diet is a processed food diet."

We can heal ourselves by eating the right, nutrient-dense foods humans are best adapted to consuming to maintain good health as we age. The processed foods are killing people.  Processed grain products, sugars, beverages, snack foods, junk foods, and all manner of so-called 'healthy' bars and other junk.

When I ate a fruit and veg, high raw diet, I had major dizzy spells, sometimes nearly fainting.  The lights would go dim, and I would have to brace myself to avoid falling.  I would then have tremors through my body, like mini seizures.  This is a horribly uncomfortable feeling, as I could feel like the blood sugar was dripping down and out of my brain.  I had to 'feed'  myself continually like a monkey in a zoo.  I could not go long, or go anywhere without planning and packing food.  I was a slave to my continual fueling of glucose.

I had a myriad of other symptoms as well.  However, according to Dr. Esselstyn, I was considered 'heart attack proof.'  Should make me feel better?  Do you think someone cares if they are "heart attack proof" if their quality of life suffers from fatigue, low moods,  and poor health?

Once you cross a threshold, and become a more FREE and independent thinker, all the rest starts to look ludicrous.

To be continued!

Just eat meat!  #meatheals

Our Saturday morning shopping haul, bringing home several roasts, 100% grass-fed ground beef,
eggs, and more.  Watch it all on my video, Hypercarnivore Diet Weekly Shopping Haul + Meals, linked here, or look for it on my next post.

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