From Vegan To (Hyper)Carnivore ~ Changes in Health & Fitness - A Trip Down Memory Lane in Video

I recently created a series of four videos, so far, chronicling our journey from consuming a produce-rich, plant-based vegan diet to nearly plant-free hypercarnivores promoting a plants optional diet. 

The first in the series is a picture video of my/our physical changes.  

The second shows me doing pistol squats and push-ups,  as a vegan, and now.  

The third and fourth videos were recorded about 1.5 month post adding animal meat back into our diet, but still consuming plenty of greens, veg, fruit and some potatoes and brown rice or winter squash.  They were recorded in response to the vegan comments I was receiving on our than Basic Macrobiotics YT channel.

It's been quite a journey.  Thanks for all who have shared this with me/us!

I'll simply link those videos here, and let them speak for themselves.

I especially hope you'll watch through the fourth video to the end to see my final thoughts that I included on that video.






  1. I am truly inspired by your courage. You are a beautiful person. May we all continue to grow together to find the everyday joy. Thanks for sharing your journey with me!

    1. Positivestepsforward, what a great name to begin with. And a big thank you!!! Much appreciated. We can only change the world when we begin to change how we perceive it, and our own lives, and make the internal changes. It isn't easy either! Blessings to you.


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