Nine Tips To Biohack Your Holidays And Stay On Track With Health Goals


I am making changes to my blogs, including transferring posts from what was the original Living Your True Nature blog, which I started when we first began our journey from plant-based to practically plant-free back in May 2017.  The original blog name is changing to The Strong Spirit Path to better match the Strong Spirit Woman website, and Strong Spirit Woman YouTube channel.

Here is a revised recent post from my other blog about 'biohacking' the holidays ~ tips for maintaining a healthy diet while being surrounded by temptations of others who most likely are not following a low-carb, ketogenic, or hypercarnivore lifestyle!

As the year draws to a close, it's also a time to connect with family and friends, and reflect on your past year, while beginning to plant the seeds for the year to come.  While there may be certain treats that are hard to pass up, especially if they trigger childhood memories, you can find ways to stay on track and have your (keto) cheesecake too!

Here are my tips to stay balanced, and maintain your health and health goals during the holidays:

Tip #1 - Choose your indulgences wisely, and enjoy yourself when you do.  In other words, if you are going for those chocolate chip cookies, or your favorite Christmas cookies, do so with abandon, not guilt.  Eating something while beating yourself up is counter-productive.  Eat.  Enjoy.  Start fresh another day.

Tip #2 - Start your day off right with a good cup of coffee!  Add some good fat, and you'll be a happy camper while chaos ensues around you (if you have kids) and just in general!  

Here is my fave:  My Version of Keto Coffee made with good quality coffee using the pour-over method. 

Add 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, and 1-2 teaspoons coconut oil in a mug.  Measure 1.5+ tablespoons ground coffee to the filter, then pour heated water over, slowly getting the grinds moistened.  Fill the cup, stir, and enjoy!  Your brain will thank me!  And your taste buds!

Tip #3 - Plan ahead meals.  Make a slow roasted Chuck roast, or your favorite, or roasted chicken, turkey, pot roast, etc., so you have plenty of good protein-rich foods around for quick meals. 

Add baby tomatoes to the pan before slow roasting. OMG, they get really sweet!

While the oven is on, make an extra roast!  Roast once, eat at least twice!

To slow roast:  

Season meat.  Place on a roasting pan.  Preheat oven to 475º.  Put roast(s) (or whatever type of meats you are preparing, including chicken quarters, whole chicken or turkey, or a turkey breast) into the oven for about 5 minutes per pound.  I usually leave it at the high temp for approximately 15-20 minutes.  Turn heat to 175º.  Go out, ice skate, snow shoe, cross country ski, shop for gifts, or whatever.  Let it roast for 5-8+ hours.  It will come out perfect!  

Tip #4 - Find some good recipes for low-carb, or ketogenic alternatives to your favorite desserts.  We made the Butter Pecan Cheesecake from   We halved the sweetener, using 2 instead of 4 tablespoons of the granulated (versus confectioners) Swerve, with a pinch of stevia.  It was not only easy, but super delicious!  Find the recipe here.  

I'm sure you can find some healthier alternative keto or low-carb Christmas cookies at the diet doctor, or elsewhere online.  (I did taste a delicious Peanut Butter Keto Fudge recipe using a packet of Pruvit Vanilla Ski the other day that was pretty tasty!  I'll post more about those amazing exogenous ketones soon, but you can watch a cute 4 minute video here if interested.)

We enjoyed leftovers while in flight on our return trip home from visiting family
during Thanksgiving.  The Keto Cheesecake with fresh whipped cream was
perfect with their in-flight coffee service!
Tip #5 - If traveling during the holidays, dress in layers!  Keep your luggage as streamlined as possible.  And carry food, like Trader Joe's summer sausage, salami, cheese, and an apple or something similar as these foods pack well.  Slice it up, zip it up, then pull up your tray, and enjoy en route.

Tip #6 - Do remember to take time out to ground.  Get outdoors, breathe in fresh air, get your blood circulating.  Break a sweat!  Connect.  

Tip #7 - Aromatherapy helps.  Use some nice warm, earthy scents to brighten up your mood, and get in the holiday spirit.  Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and/or fresh pine, wintergreen, and Euculyptus are all great this time of year.  I'm experimenting more with essential oils lately, using wintergreen to heal a strained thumb and wrist.  I'll write more about that soon, either here or The Strong Spirit Path blog.  To use essential oils, find a good therapeutic grade, add a drop or two on a cotton ball, and wipe along your toes, feet, and or inner palms, or behind your ears.  If there is a reaction, dilute the oil with a carrier oil, like almond or olive oil.  Or find some nice aromatherapy candles to burn, or other essential oil diffusers.

Tip #8 - Let everyone be over the holidays.  Breathe.  (Remember, ground.)  It can be challenging being with family for extended periods.  Everyone has their own agendas and quirks.  Take a step back, get a bigger picture, and remember, you can either be here now with them, no matter how much they are triggering you, or not.  What if they were no longer around at all?  Love them, and love yourself for whatever emotions get stirred!  

Tip #9 - Don't over burden yourself or stress out others with too high expectations.  Keep meals, plans, and everything simple for a lower-stress holiday!

More bio-hacking a low-carb, hypercarnivore, and/or ketogenic diet in the video below, along with a slide show with more holiday pictures from our travels.  Enjoy!