The Big Purge - Recovering From A Week of Diarrhea And What I Learned

Learning to Trust Your TRUE Nature & The Power of Purging!

Exactly one week prior to the publication date of this post, I had a series of incidents that sent me on a week-long major purge ~ the likes of which I had not experienced since my earlier days of travel South of the border.  It was at times quite uncomfortable, but I oddly believe it was serendipitous.  Let me explain.

I had tainted food.  More than one day in a row.  And my body responded in no uncertain terms with a big, "Enough is enough!"

My first ever roast duck, for which I made my own sugar-free orange sauce using Cara Cara oranges, bone broth,
a little bit of allspice and other herbs, and kudzu to thicken it.  It came out super delicious!

It began on a Monday.  I was feeling great all day.  Cruising on my breakfast of eggs, bacon, and some cheese, and my tasty Hot Chocolate with Benefits (made with exogenous ketones.)  We were expecting to possibly get home earlier than our normal 3:00 finish time.  We started at 9:00AM.  Typically we go to our office prepared ~ bringing either our next meal, otherwise yogurt, a cheese and salami or turkey summer sausage snack, or something to tide us over ~ just in case.  On this particular day, we did not pack a thing!