The Big Purge - Recovering From A Week of Diarrhea And What I Learned

Learning to Trust Your TRUE Nature & The Power of Purging!

Exactly one week prior to the publication date of this post, I had a series of incidents that sent me on a week-long major purge ~ the likes of which I had not experienced since my earlier days of travel South of the border.  It was at times quite uncomfortable, but I oddly believe it was serendipitous.  Let me explain.

I had tainted food.  More than one day in a row.  And my body responded in no uncertain terms with a big, "Enough is enough!"

My first ever roast duck, for which I made my own sugar-free orange sauce using Cara Cara oranges, bone broth,
a little bit of allspice and other herbs, and kudzu to thicken it.  It came out super delicious!

It began on a Monday.  I was feeling great all day.  Cruising on my breakfast of eggs, bacon, and some cheese, and my tasty Hot Chocolate with Benefits (made with exogenous ketones.)  We were expecting to possibly get home earlier than our normal 3:00 finish time.  We started at 9:00AM.  Typically we go to our office prepared ~ bringing either our next meal, otherwise yogurt, a cheese and salami or turkey summer sausage snack, or something to tide us over ~ just in case.  On this particular day, we did not pack a thing!

I've been operating from that 'just in case' operating system most of my life because of my low-blood sugar issues.  However, having these ketones ready at the helm has allowed me to ease up, and trust  that I will be fine ~ a welcome and refreshing change of pace.

However, as things go, we ended up working later than typical.  And, I had a by phone client calling me within a short time of our getting back home.  So, now hours post our first meal, once home, I realized that I was indeed more in need of some fuel than I had up until that moment sensed.  I began to unconsciously 'wolf down' some snacks of the snacks we had been carrying back and forth from clinic to home that I had this time left behind. (Considering it had already been back and forth more than once should have been a red flag.)

In my haste, I ignored my first line of defense ~ my sensory organs of taste, smell, feel, and inner knowing.

I ate some remains of smoked trout, and previously sliced salami and turkey summer sausage, followed by our meal.  I did not have much time, as my client was about to call.  So, I remained in a hurried, versus relaxed state while eating.  All big no-no's, but how many people do this day in and day out ~ wolfing down their food without being at all present?

I immediately experienced a sour stomach while doing the by phone energy clearing and coaching session.

The next couple days, my digestion felt a bit off.  One of the days I consumed some chicken breast, along with the apple slices I roasted with it.  It was basted with the remains of the orange sauce we had made for our delicious New Year's Duck (pictured above.)  It had fresh orange, bone broth, and not much else, so I did not think it would be tainted, but the combo of orange + apple, or something triggered my sour stomach yet again.

The chicken came out great, but I again, greedily drank up all the juices, apples, fat and all.

On day #3, I was wanting to use up the turkey breakfast sausage patties I had assembled a few days prior.  I had them wrapped tightly, to avoid spoilage.  I intuitively had a last minute thought to prepare a frozen burger patty along with one of the turkey patties, which seemed like a lot for me, but my internal cues were guiding me more towards the beef, then the turkey.

I had not purchased ground turkey in ages.   I had purchased a couple pounds, and turned it all into  breakfast sausage patties.  The first day we had it, it tasted quite good.   However, now, a few days later, it was less appealing.  My first line of defense, my inner knowing was already steering me away from it before I even began to cook it.

Luckily I had a back-up plan, but I was already having a week of ongoing digestive distress for which I wasn't feeling recovered from.  And after the first couple bites of the turkey breakfast sausage patty, I had that inner knowing of it not tasting near as good as I recalled the first day I made them.  Yet, it didn't taste bad, as in tainted, just not as fresh, and since I was already a bit off, I thought it was me, not the turkey itself.

I of course had a few bites more before I surrendered.

My inner grandmother that hates wasting food was pushing me forward.  Note, a part took over.  A thought of what I should do took over my trusting my true instincts.

Are you beginning to see how sly and easily these 'parts' can take over?  They cause us to go into a trance-like state ~ a state where we are no longer operating from the full, true being of who we are in present space-time, to a regressed aspect, or even persona that has an entire set of beliefs about what is right or wrong, however erroneous those beliefs are.

Needless to say, my body went into full purge mode by Wednesday afternoon.  Thankfully, I managed  to have good timing the rest of our day at the clinic.  My urgent purging outings, literally, seemed to come on exactly between clients.

While this was happening, I actually still felt in good mental/emotional spirits.

That changed at one point, which is subject for blog.

One week of ongoing pooping, or at times what felt more like peeing out my butt was at times quite tiring.  And, of course, my butt hurt!  I don't care how soft the toilet paper, after a while, it is just painful to wipe!

For the first couple of days of this ordeal, I fasted.  I found getting through my days without eating to be easier than expected.  I supplemented here and there with those exogenous ketones, finding the Salted Carmel Keto Broth to be especially soothing.

Once I added food back, it was a slow, albeit very clear and deliberate process.

There was NO ignoring my sensory apparatus anymore!

I would have VERY CLEAR responses to foods and liquids.

Aside from a brief experience of having a feverish headache, followed by feeling parched and dehydrated, I did not care to drink a lot of liquids.  I found this quite interesting.  Everyone thinks water is good for us, and more is better.  I would question that line of thinking.  Water is good for us, when we have thirst.  I couldn't help but wonder if all that pee-pooping was partly because I've just flooded my body with excess liquids for so long, like a bad habit.

I had very clear, distinct cravings, and I knew within one bite if something I thought I may want (or should have) was working for me or not.

I certainly wasn't craving vegetables!!!

Eggs, dairy foods, especially yogurt and a little cream, along with some cheese, butter, and lighter proteins, along with a little salty bacon was what felt good to me.

We happened to be hosting a guest throughout this process, which all went far better than expected.  On Saturday, she took us out to breakfast.  I ordered eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese.  That was the first scrambled eggs I had in some time.  Let me tell you, those soft, moist, cheesy eggs really really really tasted good.

Since then, I made some at home with goat cheese, and of course cooked in plenty of Kerrygold which was also quite good.

Fat soothes.  Especially saturated fats.  Don't be fooled into thinking that saturated fats are harmful to health.  They contain a variety of important essential fatty acids.

The other change to my cravings was for my preferred protein sources.

Poultry out.  Fish in.  Ground meats in general out.  Beef okay, but not high on the list.

Frozen wild cod fillets baked with a drizzle of melted Kerrygold butter, and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Since it
was put in the oven frozen, the thawing process creates a juice with the butter that tasted like chowder.  Super easy.
You can watch me make this in the video below.

So, I ate fish.

Eggs, bacon, cheese, yogurt, butter, and fish.  And Pruvit's Ketones here and there either in warmed milk, or with hot water and some heavy cream.

When you learn to trust your true nature, you will be guided to what your body needs.  And, step by step, with mindfulness, you regain your health.

You also increase your confidence when you continually act in ways that are harmonious to, rather than counter to your true nature, and what is really best for you.

It's not always what your mind thinks and believes, but rather what the organism that is you intrinsically is drawn to.  It is a healthy craving, not an craving motivated by an addiction, and/or the  the mind's beliefs about what it should eat.

Trust your true nature, and reclaim your divine birthright to a healthy and thriving life!  You will feel more empowered, vital, and liberated, trust me!

Want to learn more about exogenous ketones?  Watch this 4 minute video.  Email me if interested in trying a 10, or 5-day Experience pack!

Kroeger brand Wild Flounder, baked like the cod w/ KG butter, and enjoyed with some fermented veggies.