Fork Tender Pulled Chicken Stew With Tomato & Sauerkraut Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Recipe

Don first turned me onto slow roasting chicken with tomato and sauerkraut, and it has since become another go-to recipe for making a super simple, tender and moist chicken.  I prefer using the bone-in split chicken breasts for this as you will get some of the minerals and collagen pulled out into the broth from the slow-roasting process.  Plus, bone-in chicken breasts are more flavorful, and more affordable.

This Slow Roasted Chicken with Tomato & Sauerkraut 'Stew' comes out like a pulled chicken after slow roasting for several hours.  When you can pull the meat apart with a fork, you know it's done!

The sauerkraut and tomato helps season and tenderize the chicken.  In fact, when I made this most recently, I put all the ingredients together into our good ole La Creuset Dutch Oven Pot (so worth the investment as they last a long time) the night before cooking it to let it all, well, 'stew' together.  The net result is a stew-y, fork-tender chicken with a nice broth that any leftover chicken will soak right up, for even more flavor the next day.

I was eating this daily after recovering from a recent bout of diarrhea, post having eaten food that had sat too long, more than one day in a row.  I separately heated up Bone Broth, added the Pulled Chicken Stewy Meat, and enjoyed a soothing and satisfying chicken soup.