Fork Tender Pulled Chicken Stew With Tomato & Sauerkraut Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Recipe

Don first turned me onto slow roasting chicken with tomato and sauerkraut, and it has since become another go-to recipe for making a super simple, tender and moist chicken.  I prefer using the bone-in split chicken breasts for this as you will get some of the minerals and collagen pulled out into the broth from the slow-roasting process.  Plus, bone-in chicken breasts are more flavorful, and more affordable.

This Slow Roasted Chicken with Tomato & Sauerkraut 'Stew' comes out like a pulled chicken after slow roasting for several hours.  When you can pull the meat apart with a fork, you know it's done!

The sauerkraut and tomato helps season and tenderize the chicken.  In fact, when I made this most recently, I put all the ingredients together into our good ole La Creuset Dutch Oven Pot (so worth the investment as they last a long time) the night before cooking it to let it all, well, 'stew' together.  The net result is a stew-y, fork-tender chicken with a nice broth that any leftover chicken will soak right up, for even more flavor the next day.

I was eating this daily after recovering from a recent bout of diarrhea, post having eaten food that had sat too long, more than one day in a row.  I separately heated up Bone Broth, added the Pulled Chicken Stewy Meat, and enjoyed a soothing and satisfying chicken soup.

Slow Roasted Pulled Chicken Stew with Tomato and Sauerkraut 


1/2-1 sweet or yellow onion, diced
4 bone-in chicken breasts
1/2 jar+ of store bought sauerkraut 
1 14.5 oz. can petite diced tomatoes
1-2 cups of bone broth
Salt and pepper
Other dried herbs or seasonings as desired

Place onion in a big Dutch Oven pot like the La Creuset.  Fit the chicken breasts on top.  Lightly season chicken with salt and pepper.

Add bone broth, then about 1/2 or more of the jar of sauerkraut, then the tomatoes.

This can all sit in the fridge to marinate, and 'stew' overnight. 

When ready to prepare, pre-heat oven to 400º.  Once heated, place the pot in the oven, uncovered.  Time it for about 10-15 minutes.  Turn oven to about 200-225º and let it slow roast for several hours, until the chicken breast pulls apart easily with a fork.  I let it roast from about 7:00 am until nearly 4:00 pm, and it came out perfect.

When it itcool enough to handle, spend a few minutes pulling it apart, like a pulled pork with a fork.  That makes it more stew-y.  The sauce will get absorbed into the chicken, and make it quite tender and flavorful.

Each night, when it was time to eat, I would heat some bone broth in a pot, then add a few ladles of the chicken stew.  Here are a couple of ways I slightly varied it each day.

The second night I had my bowl of Slow Roasted Pulled Chicken Stew, I added a couple thin slices of Danish butter, and a sprinkle of garlic salt to the pot while heating it all together with the bone broth.

Another night, I scrambled a couple eggs in a small bowl, then added it to the pot once the bone broth and Chicken stew was heated.  Just stir through for a few minutes.  It makes it creamier.

Don and I had the last of the Chicken Stew for breakfast today.  I topped our bowls of Slow Roasted Pulled Chicken Stew with fried eggs, and had some bacon and a little sliced cheese on the side.

That was the only meal I had, other than my Pruvit Vanilla Ski Heaven in a mug drink first, and some yogurt and Keto Carmel broth with a little heavy cream later in the day.  Learn more about my surprise experience with taking Pruvit's exogenous Ketones, here.  Recipes here.

You can see my X3 training session, using elastic bands, and my entire day of meal in the video below.

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