SUPER EASY Keto-Hypercarnivore Summer Meals ~ Low-Carb Raw Foods

One of the greatest benefits of following our Low-Carb, Keto-Hypercarnivore Diet is how uber simple it is to prepare meals ~ a stark contrast to our vegan daze.

Eating raw meat, fish and eggs raises the bar on simple.

Raw beef or fish is typically more tender, juicy, and enjoyable than when cooked.  We find it easier to eat and digest.  And, so simple to prepare!

Slice, and possibly add a drizzle of this (XVOO, MCT Oil, &/or good quality balsamic vinegar), a squeeze of that (citrus), plus a pinch of Real Salt, sea salt or other seasoning, and your are good to go.    Add some diced fresh herbs, chives, scallion, grape tomatoes, &/or peeled and seeded cucumbers if you desire.

Literally, you can do all that ahead of time, and easily pack your meals to go if not ready to eat before leaving your home for the day.

Cod Ceviche 

I think it's mostly that our culture has been trained to avoid raw meats because of the potential for ingesting harmful bacteria.   Bacteria are everywhere.  It's really encouraged by the government and handlers of foods to avoid liability.  However, many cultures do eat raw meat on a regular basis.  They don't have the 'ewww' factor, because they are used to it.

In the not so distant past, meat was consumed in varying states of 'aging' and possibly preserved using salt, or other methods.  These days, butchers working at grocery stores are trained to safely handle meat, and are kept under tight supervision through food handling laws, and frequent FDA inspections.  Standards are much more stringent now, then they were way back when!

We have a virus in our mind that has been trained to consider raw meat very dangerous, or 'icky' yet our ancestors never had this mental barrier to their ability to consume animal foods, and survive challenging conditions.  We are here as a result of their accepting their role as apex predator ~ wisely managing the live food supplies.  Humans are an integral part of wildlife management.

You may be thinking, yes, well, they are eating fresh hunted or caught meats, fish, or seafood.

Raw conventional London Broil (see preparation at the end), cottage cheese with 1 tsp. MCT oil, 2 sliced softly boiled eggs, a few organic grape tomatoes, 1/4 peeled green apple - taken to go to enjoy picnic style

That may be true, but we recently purchased some London Broil that was on sale.  Don was going to try to just sear it,  as it can get really dry and chewy if not cooked right.  It's a lean meat, and requires the right preparation method to be enjoyable, and easy to eat.

Before starting, he tasted a small piece raw, and decided to not bother cooking it at all.  It was much more palatable raw!

We have been eating this commercially purchased London Broil raw for three days now, and have been feeling great!

When it warms up around here, I naturally begin to crave a little more raw food in my diet.  It's more refreshing, and saves from heating up the apartment.

Raw Marinated Salmon with Homemade Fermented Red Cabbage

I often feel like a dietary heretic.  Our meals are so basic, anyone could eat them.

We don't spend NEAR the money nor time buying, then cleaning, storing, and finally chopping and preparing bunches of dark leafy greens, or a variety of other vegetables the way we did every single day while vegan.   And that did not include soaking and pressure-cooking pots full of lower belly bloating and gas-inducing whole grains, beans, soups, and porridge.

We also don't blow our food budget on fresh juices, green smoothies, Kombucha drinks, and all raw, all organic anything, which I discuss in the video linked on my previous post.  Nor do we spend money on gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, fat-free, paleo, or keto baking mixes, treats, or other special foods.

Our diet IS NATURALLY gluten-free!  And grain-free, with minimal amounts of the anti-nutrients.

Given the popularity of these products, Americans are clearly  addicted to carbohydrate-rich, and especially refined grain, sugar, and fat-rich foods ~ pizza crusts, buns, breads, pretzels, chips, muffins, cookies, bars, or other special treats.  I have encountered many who claim to really want to lose weight and improve their health, yet if it means having to give up their bread or pasta, it's a total deal-breaker.

Can you imagine?  

You feel miserable.  You pay practitioners to help you feel better.  You go to doctors to get prescriptions.  Perhaps you even opt in for a surgery to remove, say, your gall bladder or uterus, yet you are NOT at all willing to go through a little discomfort to overcome the very addictions that are derailing your mental and physical health.

I'm not at all saying to never indulge in a treat.  Just do so mindfully.  Know if you are truthfully at a place where your health won't suffer the consequences.  And, if you know it will, and still decide to indulge, do so with the clear intention to enjoy indulging, then get back on track afterwards.   A treat is a TREAT, not daily fare.

Our Keto-Hypercarnivore diet could not be simpler.  It has helped us recover lost vitality and health after five plus years eating a produce-rich, totally plant-based diet ~ despite eating mostly conventional meat and dairy.

Of course as soon as we are able, our preference is to either raise our own food, or support a local farmer.  It is just not yet in our budget or means to do so.

I have gained hours back in my day ~ literally!   It truly could not be easier to pull together meals when following our keto-hypercarnivore diet ~ raw or cooked.

One Raw, One Cooked Wild Salmon wither Fermented Cabbage
~ the raw was better!

Once you get mentally over the belief that you have to have tons of greens and vegetables, and accept the fact that animal protein and fats, including red meat, bacon and bacon fat can be part of a healthy diet ~ the rest is easy!  Seriously.  It's only the mind ~ and decades of indoctrination  ~ that gets in the way!

Animal foods provide many nutrients, including some B vitamins, Vitamin A, K2, D, Heme-from of Iron, and several important amino acids that plant foods do NOT supply.

Of course eating bacon is not mandatory.  Nor is eating raw meat, raw eggs, raw liver, or raw anything if you really don't want it.  

Forget kale/green smoothies!  'Eggnog' ~ raw eggs blended w/ milk &/or heavy cream is the best!  Satisfying & refreshing.  

However, perhaps consider cutting a thin slice of some raw beef before cooking it next time.  One bite won't kill you!  You may be surprised as to how enjoyable it can be.  In fact, many people find cooked food to be far less palatable once used to eating meat raw.

If you decide to try more, toss 100-150g of sliced beef (I've been consuming 150g) with 2-3 tsp. XVOO, or MCT oil, and Real Salt, sea salt, or other seasoning.  If you have a good quality balsamic vinegar on hand, add 1/2-1 tsp.  Toss it all together, and let it sit in the fridge until ready to eat.  SUPER EASY MEAL!  Great with raw or softly boiled eggs, 1/4-1/2 cottage cheese, and any chopped vegetables you enjoy, such as diced cucumber and tomato.  Or, just follow up your raw meat meal with some citrus, fresh berries, an eggnog, or yogurt.

Photo taken in 2018.  These days, I peel and de-seed cucumbers before eating.  Less likely to experience gas or other bad effects.  They are refreshing in the summer tossed with fresh, local tomatoes.  These low-sugar 'fruits' are good choices for low-carb, and even hypercarnivore dieters.