Meats & Sweets High Vitality Diet Is Adaptable To YOUR Needs - When To Limit Versus Expand Your Food Choices

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet is a simple, affordable way of eating that is adaptable to every individual's needs. While there are certain foods we recommend everyone avoid, there may be occasions when you have few alternative options. Polyunsaturated oils are one of the main offenders, however sometimes while traveling, few alternatives exist. Every restaurant with very few exceptions uses these pro-inflammatory oils because they are easier and cheaper than using butter or other animal fats.  Avoid them  as much as possible, but don't obsess if you can't. The more you are thinking about how bad a particular food is for you while eating it, the worse off you will be.  Remember, the dose makes the poison. 

If you maintain a good baseline of health, you will weather occasional 'bad' foods ~ especially if you overcome your stress, anxiety, emotions, and obsessions, which are more destructive to health.

Here is a recent Meats & Sweets shopping haul video.  Be sure to also check out the video below, discussing how unresolved emotions can sabotage your health.

I have personally felt very balanced since adding 'sweets' ~ fruit, honey, maple syrup, and small amounts of raw or coconut sugar ~ back into my diet.  My moods, mental clarity, focus, blood sugar balance and joy factor are all excellent.  My body tingles with warmth when I eat enough sweets. It's amazing.  I no longer have chronically cold hands and feet, a sign of improved metabolism and thyroid health. Plus my thumb joints healed, after nearly a year of no progress while low-carb Keto-Carnivore.

These were my improvements. Your results may vary.

What you need to eat to find your sweet spot will be different than what works for me, hence the beauty of Meats & Sweets. It's flexible. It's not an eat this, not that binary con, with rigid rules.  Instead, we prioritize foods into three tiers to help you make the best choices for you, according to your needs, your tolerances, your condition, and as per what is available in your region.

Even within the context of Meats & Sweets, I vary what I choose from week to week.  I still get plus or minus 70% of my total calories from animal foods, as Don suggests in The Hypercarnivore Diet. 

Grilled Lean Pork Chops and Homemade Apple Sauce

My suggestion for others is to ease up, and not over analyze every symptom, nor judge every choice. As an example, I may occasionally eat Tier 3 foods, such as grains or nuts.  When I do, I don't judge myself,  If I notice symptoms afterwards, I am reminded as to why I prefer to not eat those foods.  Direct experience is the best teacher.

Rather than let the chattering in my head ~ what I now refer to as Satan ~ play games with me about what I should or shouldn't do, or eat,  I just tune in.  If I'm in a celebratory mood, I enjoy the food with abandon.  If I get the sense that I will feel bad afterwards, I skip it, and make a better choice. It's not a big deal!

Many people obsess over every morsel they eat.  Food has become a religion. People either feel powerless to their cravings, and spiral into self-judgement, or contrarily, they preach about their alleged superior food choices, believing everyone should eat or not eat such and such foods!

I suggest learning to observe but not participate in your thoughts, or obsess over your symptoms and choices.  Satan is in your head. He is in everyone's head.  Call it your ego if you prefer, but it's the  endless chatter in your head that you believe is coming from you. It sounds like your own voice. However, all thoughts are lies!

The mind is clever. It will keep you jumping through hoops trying this or that diet, and this or that therapy, always with new symptoms to deal with.  And if you succumb, you will suffer the consequences.  Chances are, unresolved emotions, like anger, resentment, fear, worry, and doubt that are sabotaging all your good efforts at eating a healthier diet, as I discuss in the video below.

As mentioned in previous posts, if you have a lot of unhealed health issues, or get easily triggered by a wide variety of foods, then keep your diet super simple until you are able to improve your health.  Check out this post for recommended supplements if you are having bloating, gas, or abdominal discomfort.

When to Limit Or Expand Food Choices

There are times when you may want a more narrow selection of foods, and times where you need to broaden your horizons. Stay open.

For example, we have a client with joint pain and inflammation, especially the fingers and toes. Certain foods seem to trigger her symptoms such as dairy, eggs, and wheat. My suggestion for her was to eat a more narrow diet of those foods that presently do not seem to be triggering symptoms: fish, pork, beef, some poultry as craved, white rice, winter squash, fruit, honey,  ghee, bone broth, and fresh herbs, or well cooked vegetables if craved.

I would not suggest white rice to all people, however, it has its place. I know several who seem to do well including this easy to store and prepare starchy staple food.  Being stripped of the fiber may improve the digestibility of white rice compared to brown rice for many folks.

Similarly, we have a male client who loves his morning oat meal. OK, fine, enjoy it!  Don't abandon the entire Meats & Sweets approach simply because you (mistakenly) believe it is devoid of all carbs, or grains, or whatever foods you have adapted to eating.  We have purposely outlined a flexible approach, with few foods that are totally off the menu for all people, at all times!

Keeping to a more narrow selection of foods can also be helpful for those who need an outline of foods to include, rather than exclude.  They may do better with fewer choices to consider.

By contrast, if you are already eating a very narrow selection of foods, you may need to broaden your horizons. Eating only beef with little else can be beneficial for a short period of time, as a sort of health reset.  However, if you find yourself getting increasingly irritated, craving sweets, or bored with just beef, by all means, include other foods! Don't stick to someone's 'rules' because you are trying to align with a tribe! Do what you need to do for you!

Don's Delicious Pulled Beef Recipe in Meats & Sweets

Keep your meals simple, basic, and enjoyable.

Here are a few recent meals, just to show how simple the Meats & Sweets way of eating can be.

For breakfast I typically have coffee with one tablespoon of gelatin, and a tsp. each of MCT oil, coconut oil & honey; followed a bit later by orange juice or warmed milk with another tablespoon of gelatin, along with fruit.

Alternatively, fruit and cottage cheese is super simple.

...or we prepare fried, scrambled, or softly boiled eggs which I have with fruit and cheese.

Eggs fried in butter, topped w/ sheep milk pecarino cheese, mango, and blackberries, above;
below eggs seasoned w/ pepper, and served w/ cheddar cheese, and rehydrated prunes & Turkish apricots.

We aim to include 2 oz. of liver each a few times per week at a minimum.  Liver is good with orange juice (increases absorption of iron.)  We either eat it semi frozen, which is actually easier than thawed and raw, or seared in butter.

My snacks are more like an extension to one or the other meal. If after breakfast, I'm still hungry, I'll have 2-3 medjool dates, or more warmed milk, possibly with a little honey or maple syrup.

If before our next meal I'm hungry, I'll start with an apple, or carrot salad.

For Carrot Salad Recipes, Click Here

When London Broil is on sale, we've found that it comes out good as a stir fry. Don will slice the meat up when we bring it home, season it, and let it sit in a pyrex container, using what we need each day until it's gone. It's great stir fried in butter with a few scallions, red bell pepper, and thinly sliced celery, as shown below.

By the time I am ready to eat our second (and last) main meal, I'm usually content with just the meat. Or, I finish with an orange, possibly with a ricotta cheese and honey dip.

If really in the mood, I love removing the pit from a date, and putting a tiny (2g) piece of 92% dark chocolate in the center. It's like a confection. So enjoyable, only a couple are needed to satisfy!

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet is a nutrient rich, simple, flexible, and affordable approach to optimizing your genetic blueprint for lasting health, and protection from dis-ease!

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