Vegan FAIL Dr. Robert Lowery 30-Day Experiment

Dr. Ryan Lowery recently conducted a 30-Day experiment of going vegan. He took several before and after measurements, both times taken after a 16 hour (I believe 16 hours) fast to minimize skewing measurements from water weight. He measured cognitive function as well, which looked specifically at visual focus and acuity. He shows the (expensive) products he purchased, and seemed to be genuinely excited for trying the new foods. He shares the pros and cons at the end.

So what were the results? I will say, he was shocked.

Don and I were not.

We had similar results.

  • Loss of total weight
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Increase in percentage of body fat
  • Gut distress
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Loss of power
  • Longer recovery between training sessions
  • Decrease in visual focus
  • Other results from blood tests not yet posted 

It is very disappointing to lose lean body mass, and gain fat after having worked diligently to achieve those results. Some people are hard gainers, which Don discusses on his website, Full Range Strength.

I could immediately see the change in his physical appearance. He had lost weight, and maybe 'felt light' yet this is a great example showing that it isn't about total weight. He didn't look better lighter. He looked like less of himself. Less muscular. Less manly.

A vegan diet is deficient in several nutrients, including choline, several amino acids, vitamin A, K2, B12, and more. (Many people do not convert beta carotene to vitamin A.) Plant foods have several nutrients that are less bioavailable, including iron and zinc. The Hypercarnivore Diet by Don discusses all these points and more.

He also points out that many vegan foods contain canola oil and/or soy, both of which are horrible for health.

Vegans believe they are full of compassion, which is not a virtue.  Compassion is a weakness, not a strength. We are led to believe that compassion is a noble virtue, yet this is dishonest. It reflects a lack of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-honesty.

Any time people push an agenda onto others, believing that their way is superior, it is coming from a place of anger and hate, not compassion. Activists who bash and berate others are full of anger; vegan activists especially lack adequate nutrition, which is damaging to their brain, negatively impacting their moods.

What they most need is the love of their father!  They need to forgive their parents, and find peace.

Anger, resentment, and all the emotions are not natural. And neither is a vegan diet. Some may do better than others, however, the majority of plant foods are processed, or man made hybridized versions of the original plant, like kale, broccoli which were originally from the mustard plant. Humans never consumed kale, broccoli, cauliflower pizza, fake burgers, and commercial plant seed oils until recent decades. Increased consumption of these foods has not correlated to improved health.

Dispassion is the ability to see Rightly ~ to discern, or acknowledge a wrong without anger or hate.

How much are the vegan activists really contributing to society by simply promoting anger-infused sentiment about how everyone else is destroying the environment? Or by going onto private property of farmers and ranchers to release cattle, which in some cases has led to the death of the cow?

Why do they feel so entitled as to be above the law? These folks are tyrannical authoritarians, yet believe they are virtuous. It is so self-deceptive. It's the coyote trickster running amuck with their ego.

I look forward to watching Dr. Lowery's results after his  30-Days Carnivore experiment.  I suspect he experienced similar results as we did after following a super low-carb, nearly plant-free diet after about 2 years.

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